My career in Online Marketing began in early 2005...

As the youngest employee at my first company, I was responsible for ensuring that the website of the company had the highest possible Google visibility. I only had a basic understanding of digital marketing at the time but quickly learned how to optimize content, test data and also began to run my first SEA campaign.
In order to deepen my knowledge of online as well as offline marketing, I started a 3-year program in Marketing and received my Master's Degree in 2006.

In 2006, I moved to Munich to further expand my knowledge in digital marketing. Here, I worked for Global Media where I was responsible for the SEA accounts of Apple and Ebay Germany.

Online marketing became my passion and I made it my personal goal to master all areas in this field.

The next phase of my career began with teaching myself how to program and build websites, helping me to become a successful affiliate. In addition to working as an affiliate, I began a blog about the ins and outs of online marketing and was invited to speak at various online marketing conferences in Germany,  Austria and Switzerland.

My knowledge of online marketing continued to develop into an all-encompassing understanding of each individual area. It was during this time of growth that I was able to start my own online agency and became fully self-employed in 2014. In addition to my work as CEO of my company, I have been working as a consultant and digital marketing specialist for large corporate groups as well as medium-sized companies since 2016. Here, I provide support in regards to agency management, various processes, analysis and strategy. Furthermore, I act as a sparring partner for select agencies.

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